Espero Logistics offers a wide range of services from business, commercial and project management functions to safety, security, risk and operational management. Focus on strategic direction, planning and development, specialists for maritime and transport logistics industries.
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Espero Logistics Solutions offers a wide range of services for the maritime and logistics industry.

Please click on the menu items below to explore how Espero Logicstics Solution can help your company. The services listed offer only a brief insight into our capabilities, therefore we invite you to contact us to discuss your needs and find out more about us.

Business Planning and Development

An integral part of a company is the development of new opportunities and the design of detailed business plans to attract new business, value add, vertically integrate or conduct a merger or take-over.

Espero Logistics Solutions can assist you in achieving improved margins, ensuring efficient management of key customers and establishing long-term customer relationships based on mutual benefit and respect. Espero Logistics Solutions has experience in evaluating businesses to see whether they should be considered as strategic aquisitions.

Commercial Management

Sound commercial management is an integral part of a business, which requires the establishment and maintenance of successful relationships with clients and stakeholders based on honesty, trust and integrity to be successful.

Espero Logistics Solutions can help you to establish and maintain commercial relationships based on mutual respect and understanding whilst ensuring your company remains profitable.

Government Liaison

Espero Logistics Solutions has experience in relationship building and liaison with Commonwealth and State government bodies and other stakeholders at a senior level.

We can provide effective advocacy for your business in negotiations with these parties.

HR and Change Management

Espero Logistics Solutions can assist you with HR and Change Management processes particulary in highly unionised environments.

Once negotiations on Entreprise Agreements are concluded we can assist in providing you with a rigorous management program to ensure the gains made during the negotiations are implemented and realised.

Marine and Inland Terminal Design

Espero Logistics Solutions has been involved in the design of a number of marine and intermodal terminal facilities.

This experience enables it to assist you in the design of your new facilities or the redesign of existing facilities with state of the art large mobile equipment and cutting edge automation processes, resulting in reduced labour costs and increased profits.

Operational Management

Having a breadth of experience in operational management over a period of more than three decades. Espero Logistics Solutions can assist you in a variety of operational roles.

Project Management

Espero Logistics Solutions can assist with and has substantial experience in small to large projects with capital expenditure in excess of >A$ 100 M.

We have expertise in a variety of fields but marine and inland terminal design incorporating automation of large mobile equipment is one of our key strengths.

Safety Health and Environment

Safety, health and environment management is a vital part of each business.

Having the appropriate systems in place to manage and reduce the risk to injury and damage to the environment is something that Espero Logistics Solutions will be able to help you with and ensure that your model is best practice.

Security and Risk Management

Appropriate security plans are required in most business environments and a plan designed to minimise risk in these challenging times is something that no business can do without.

Espero Logistics Solutions can provide your business with the tools to minimise your exposure to risk and avoid breaches of your security plans.

Strategic Direction

Every company needs a long term plan to ensure it is heading in the right direction and that enables it to make short term decisions that align with its long term goals and objectives.

Espero Logistics Solutions can assist with the creation of a strategic plan that is well researched and tested for a number of scenarios and outcomes.